Saturday, 3 October 2009

Box of the Week

Artforce, a Brisbane City Council initiative have made great use of municipal traffic signal boxes (TSB's) by having them painted by local artists. There are more than a thousand boxes  around the city and about 900 have been painted.  If you're interested in possibly painting a box, contact Artforce here. These TSB's can be found on all intersections and I've been walking around Fortitude Valley, New Farm and the CBD photographing them. 

I know I've got many miles to tread to photograph them all (I think I have about 30 so far), but every week I will bring you the Box of the Week brought to you by a proud sponsor. I thought as this is the first weekly installation, I'll show you my favourite one.

"Welcome to the Valley/BrisVegas" 
 (Corner of Wickham and Gotha Streets)

Brought to you by the Scottish poet Robert Burns, whose statue stands proudly in Centenary Park across the road. Unforutnately, it is also used as a poo-perch by resident birds and a urinal by resident bergs (read definition no.1).


  1. They were doing this in some suburbs of Sydney a few years ago too, I think it's a really good idea, arts and creativity should be supported more in Aus! :)

  2. jy's terug! en post bietjie op jou kos-blog, toe? ons het jul gelys by voer, en wag om te sien wat als opgedis gaan word in die nuwe tuiste.

  3. Ahah! So you get bergies everywhere then!! That box looks so bright and nice - Iwonder if they'll be able to take care of them in light of the hazards you mentioned?

  4. Hehe, the other side was all graffiti'd over so it's already been defaced! I just show you the brighter side of life!

    Arcadia - sal doen :)