Tuesday, 24 August 2010

G'day. I'd like to take this rare opportunity to make an announcement. 

African Down Under is going to retirement, or should I say "retired hurt", as they say in cricketing terms. Actually, it is more like "retired embarrassed". With a grand total of 12 posts in 12 months - aka a post a month - that's slower going than Jacques Kallis in the subcontinent.  I'm amazed I've managed to garner 18 followers to this blog with a distinct lack of blogging action on my part. Thank you. I'm totally ashamed at my lack of ability to keep a blog up-to-date and wholeheartedly apologize for the very unmotivational example I set for today's youth. 

On the plus side and to make up for it, I've resurrected Backwater Views, as I'm officially back in Vietnam! If you'd like a slightly more up-tempo number of posts - think Shane Watson in the West Indies - I suggest you migrate north of the equator in digital terms and see what's kicking about in Saigon from my perspective.

Thanks for your patience and continued support.

Much love and peace.